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Rosalia’s farm is founded on timeless values: respect for nature, and knowing how to listen to its rhythms. We are the honoured guests of this generous land and its many fruits.

Thus the Dipierdomenico farm took shape, from the passion and forward-looking vision of one man, Marco Dipierdomenico, who died before his time, and who loved the land and his work so much and passed this passion on to his children.

The property surrounding the masseria consists of 40 hectares where farm laborers can often be seen cultivating the land, following the most ancient Apulian traditions. A place that is true to its origins, where oil, wine, vegetables and fruit are produced.

Here time seems to stand still and the olive trees come alive and seem to whisper to us of the secrets of time, these generous companions that give life and flavor to our tables every year. In the shadow of so much history and culture, the Dipierdomenico family look after and cultivate the olive groves that never disappoint and continue to give us the fruit of life: extra virgin olive oil.

Marco Dipierdomenico
Masseria Parco della Grava
Masseria Parco della Grava vigneti - Puglia

the estate


Parco della Grava’s story is of a family that has devoted itself to the project of developing in the hospitality sector, combined with oil and wine making.

The family’s mission is to produce wines that merge respect for ancient traditions with modern techniques. The vineyards cover an area of about three hectares where our wines are born: Verdeca, Primitivo, Negroamaro.

Among the rows of vines, one can enjoy the enchanting beauty of a sunset while sipping an aperitivo before dinner.

the estate

The restaurant

The restaurant area, created from an old oil mill and the outdoor patio, invites you to enjoy our regional dishes prepared from the genuine products of our bountiful land, always keeping in step with the rhythm of the seasons. Our farmhouse cooks make traditional sweet and savoury specialties, pampering you at every moment of the day just as our grandmothers did.

Masseria Parco della Grava - Puglia - Ristorante


Nestled among ancient olive trees, colourful flowers and thick vegetation is our infinity pool overlooking the hillside. A mirror of crystal-clear water that preserves all the characteristics of an ancient rainwater cistern. A corner bar where you can enjoy fruit smoothies and cocktails prepared with seasonal fruits picked before your eyes and tasty aperitifs.

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